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Blue Earth
By: Aliki Barnstone
ISBN: 0-916078-59-0


It's a lucky and wondrous gift to us that Aliki Barnstone plays so much world on her finely tuned poetic instrument. These poems scintillate with beauty, accuracy, and adventure.
—Andrei Codrescu

Blue Earth reads like a picaresque novel. The poems take us from the exotic locals of Tibet and Greece to the more familiar landscapes of America. It is a journey of precision and grace that transports the reader “into some clear, unexpected blue place.”
—Cathy Smith Bowers

It’s both a delight and a pleasure in this vast American poetic landscape to read a poet as breath-taking and luminous as Aliki Barnstone. In this new book, Blue Earth, she gives us the best of herself, her voice, and she writes as if possessed by the language of angels. The voice in these gorgeous poems is mature, wise, and radiant in the way it strives for the universal connections to place and hearth. I think clearly she sets out to create a new type of landscape and journey in these poems, and she accomplishes both in stanzas that are at once self-revelatory and also elegant with rhythm and nuance. There’s a richness here that is meant to be savored, like the best of life, over and over again. Aliki Barnstone is a poet of worldly substance and great love. She’s doing the work of sustenance that keeps many of us in love and well-nourished.
—Virgil Suárez


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