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Gaylord Brewer is a professor at Middle Tennessee State University, where he founded and edits Poems & Plays. He has published 600 poems in journals and anthologies (including Best American Poetry 2006), six chapbooks of poetry, and five previous full-length collections: Presently a Beast (Coreopsis, 1996), Devilfish (Red Hen, 1999), Four Nails (Snail’s Pace, 2001), Barbaric Mercies (Red Hen, 2003), and Exit Pursued by a Bear (Cherry Grove, 2004). His literary criticism includes David Mamet and Film (McFarland, 1993) and Charles Bukowski (Twayne/Macmillan, 1997), and his plays have been staged in Alaska, New York, Ohio, and Tennessee. Brewer’s most recent residency was at the Obras Arts Centre in Portugal. He is a native of Louisville, Kentucky, and earned a Ph.D. from Ohio State University.


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