Capture the Flag Cover
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Capture the Flag

Poetry by Susan Donnelly

96 Pages
ISBN: 978-1-60454-208-0



Praise for Capture the Flag

To capture the flag requires determination, purposefulness, stealth, and singular courage. These remarkable poems possess all of those qualities and more. Capture the Flag movingly connotes the disparate worlds of the games of childhood, the struggles of our adult lives, the ongoing wars of and even within our own country, and the conflicts that exist in the country of love. All of these flags, these poems, each one, so valued, vibrant, so finely made and fiercely defended, are captured in this strong and vital book.

—John Hodgen, author of Grace

From Falluja to Donegal to Boston, and from yesterday’s worrisome MRI all the way back to memories of early childhood, Capture the Flag rides on a vivid energy, an emotional or spiritual gumption, a “moxie” that helps Susan Donnelly take an unflinching look at the mingling of suffering and joy, near and far, and in the process enables us to feel in our bones how we are all “spider-webbed” together, and that a tug on one strand will set “each of the others / trembling.” These are beautiful, aching, buoyant poems.

—Fred Marchant, author of The Looking House

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