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The Man Who Prdered Perch

A Curb in Eden: New Version

A Winter on Earth

Joseph Enzweiler was born in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1950. He received a degree in Physics from Xavier University, and moved to Fairbanks, Alaska in 1975. He received a ms in Physics from the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, and in 1981 built a log house in Goldstream Valley north of town where he has lived ever since. He works as a carpenter, stone mason and photographer during the summer and fall months, and spends his winters writing. Every few years he returns to rural northern Kentucky for several months where he lives with his brother and his family, and is building a rock fence around his brotherís 3 acres of land. Enzweiler has published 3 previous books of poetry: Home Country (Fireweed Press, 1986), Stonework of the Sky (Graywolf Press, 1995) and A Curb in Eden, first version (Salmon Publishing, Ltd, 1999). A Curb in Eden, new version was published by Iris Press in 2003.


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