The Lost Sea

Poetry by Keith Flynn
1st Edition 128 pages

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Keith Flynn's third and most ambitious collection of poems, to date, uses spectacular and musical language to address a wide range of crucial social, political and moral issues.




The river makes its own decisions,
independent of gravel or gravity
or Granny Grunt's sweet coaxing
with her two feet stuck in the middle
of her new swimming hole.

Her long gray braid dips into the water
as she crouches to cup a drink
with both hands and whisper,
slow down, rest with me a moment
behind the dam, roll me around.

But water seeks, undivided, headlong
without caution, cannot be filled
or foraged and sleeps with its own kind.
The dam will leak, shudder and fall away;
serene will be the remnants here.

But tomorrow on the shore, after the squall
and ripped release, Granny will hold
two rocks in her hands and begin,
from one side and then the other,
the reconstruction of her dam.



"Full to brimming," the poems of Keith Flynn's dazzling new collection, The Lost Sea, give no quarter. The ebullient range of unruly references and the fabulously rich lexicon combine to stretch the limits of coherence into a compelling, original style, Here, "flesh and mud meditations," narratives unfolding like petals, dramatic monologues and surreal juxtapositions run together just ahead of an exclamation mark. The poems are politically incisive and emotionally dramatic. They careen toward the reader with unlikely energy, with the music of a mind awake.

-Forrest Gander

Keith Flynn's wide-ranging poetic vision often takes him beyond the pale of much contemporary American verse. The poems in The Lost Sea can take on such far-flung topics as surrealism, cinema, music, politics, and post-modernism and make them spin with energy and wit. There is humor and history and a large helping of erudition in these poems. Flynn is a provocateur with a tender heart who possesses the scholar's respect for tradition and the artist's hunger for innovation. His world is large and always interesting, and he journeys through it with great elan.

-Kathryn Stripling Byer


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