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Janice Moore Fuller
ISBN: 978-0-916078-87-4


In Janice Fuller’s stunning third book, the dead and the living sit at the same table, reach across distances of time and space—through recovered diaries, lunar surface snapshots, and in the perfectly imperfect topography of a lover’s body. Fuller’s command of poetic forms is striking and her metaphors sharply original: a child’s knees are radio knobs; a flag’s stripe, a laceration. But finally it is the ghostly marriage of hand and heart that haunts the reader long after the séance is over.

—Rebecca McClanahan


In Séance we feel the tension and beloved expectation of worlds about to receive, in detail, in tender language, in real light, their living mythologies. Brought very near, eternity speaks clearly here.

—Donald Revell


Lithe, elegant, and expertly framed, the poems of Séance light down on the page and lift the reader into exotic backdrops and brilliantly timed escapes. From Falcarragh to Galápagos, Fuller’s precise approach begs the reader's active participation as her words nestle and cohere. This swan swings, and leaves memorable markings and graceful maneuvers in her wide-winged embrace of this lost world and the one that extends beyond our earthly remains.

—Keith Flynn


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