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Sex Education
Janice Moore Fuller
ISBN: 0-916078-60-4


Janice Fuller’s wily Sex Education educates us in much more than sex, though her deftly polished poems are as incisive on that subject as on many others. Richly textured and delicately nuanced, Fuller’s book schools us in divorce and love and grief and childhood loneliness as she muses, with winning candor, on growing up American and traveling around Europe and on a range of other matters, including, for instance, the death of a fierce geometry teacher who “will lie in the ground straight and flat, / the shortest distance between math and eternity,” and the comically poignant couplings of variegated sea urchins, whose passions strangely mirror those of humans: “one barbed heart against another.”

—Sandra M. Gilbert

An exuberant collection, brimful of lyrical force and wonder, intricately weaving meticulous craft and infinite energy. Life itself is the pulse on the page.

—Menna Elfyn

Though the poems in Sex Education range geographically from Celtic Britain to piedmont Carolina, Janice Fuller's true landscape is the heart-land of memory, loss, and, most of all, desire. Her language is vivid and memorable, the metaphors and similes making unexpected but convincing connections. Sex Education is a stunning book.

—Ron Rash


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