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Walking Wounded
Jimmy Carl Harris

ISBN: 0-916078-71-X Hardcover $26.00

ISBN: 0-916078-72-8 Paperback $16.00


In Walking Wounded, twelve prizewinning stories are set in both the rural and the urban South. These stories focus on the physical, mental, and emotional wounds that can afflict any of us and direct our lives. The author probes the events and relationships of some ordinary people as their destinies are shaped by extraordinary burdens and challenges.


Praise for Walking Wounded

With honest, clean storytelling that shies away from nothing, Jimmy Carl Harris takes us step for step with the Walking Wounded, who live just down the road, around the corner, or over the county line, where war has come home in hip pockets, crevices of boot soles, bottoms of duffle bags, and seeped out to wrestle with the innocent and the careless. Harris shows us how battle has become so domesticated in the landscape that we don’t even call it by name. But Harris tags it—as hope continues to struggle for air and each veracious story pushes us toward its tenacious conclusion.

—Darnell Arnoult, Sufficient Grace and What Travels With Us

War kills, but not always right away. In Walking Wounded, retired Marine Corps Sergeant Major Jimmy Carl Harris lobs explosive story after story at his reader to show how war follows the fighter home, but Harris does not leave us comfortless—like a single songbird returning after the battle is over, a note of the unquenchable human spirit sings through each of these exquisitely crafted stories.

—Dana Wildsmith, One Good Hand

In this astute and unsentimental collection of stories, Jimmy Carl Harris gathers the casualties of war and of life—the chicken catchers, trailer dwellers, veterans and unwed mothers—and holds them up in the light of fine storytelling. I loved these sad, funny stories, and the people who walked, wounded but so very alive, within them.

—Lynn York, The Piano Teacher






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