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Wounds That Bind
Jimmy Carl Harris

ISBN: 0-916078-85-X Hardcover $26.00

ISBN: 0-916078-86-8 Paperback $16.00


In this collection of sixteen prizewinning stories, Jimmy Carl Harris writes about wounds great and small, recent and ancient.  Some are caused hurts inflicted with red intent, others are shared pain lessened by sweet nurture.  Long remembered, all connected, they are wounds that bind.


Praise for Wounds That Bind

Jimmy Carl Harris writes with a stunning tenderness about those life has deemed out of bounds: old soldiers who have lost fingers but not hope; old women alone and misunderstood, living off memories and cigarettes. Wounds That Bind is a fierce, gut-wrenching collection, but always beneath the hard edges one senses Harris’ deep love and understanding for the men and women life has not always treated gently.

—Mark Powell,
Prodigals and Blood Kin


The stories in Wounds That Bind are sometimes subtle, sometimes dramatic, sometimes gentle, sometimes violent, but always told with insight and compassion, and presented in language that is as tightly wound as a tourniquet, heightening their tensions. Jimmy Carl Harris also knows what to leave unsaid in his stories, which only deepens their impact, exposing the most hidden of wounds.

—Marlin Barton,
A Broken Thing, The Dry Well, and Dancing by the River


Wounds That Bind is simply wonderful. Few writers can forge such unforgettable characters and vivid scenes as Jimmy Carl Harris. His short stories will stay with you a lifetime.

—Hans Watford,
Mortal Strain and Lethal Risk


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