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Still Enough to Be Dreaming
Charlotte Hilary Matthews

96 Pages

ISBN: 978-0-916078-84-3 Paperback $14.00


Still Enough to Be Dreaming reassures us that Charlotte Matthews is one of the best new poets to appear in too long a time. Her exquisite sense of balance, her talent for muted drama, her beautifully tuned sensitivity to the subtlest currents of moods and feelings produce some of the loveliest and most musical lyrics to be found anywhere. Her work is better than brilliant—it is true.


—Fred Chappell


With the publication of her first book of poems, the prize-winning Green Stars, Charlotte Matthews established herself as a poet of clarity and of rich resonance, able to summon up the magical heart of the every day. Now, building on the graceful strengths she displayed in that gathering, she has continued to develop her art and to discover and explore new and deeper levels of meaning. Here in Still Enough to Be Dreaming, she goes well beyond her previous achievement as she joins together dream and fact, celebration and elegy, love and death. Her craft is flawless, her heart is admirable.


—George Garrett


Charlotte Matthews’ moving new collection, Still Enough to Be Dreaming, is haunted by the inevitability of loss, of disappearances. These quiet, graceful poems show us that elegant language is the stay against such loss, our words a talisman against vanishing, forgetting. What is fleeting is held here in the lovely “willed error” of metaphor: the field guide’s instructions for breath, silence, imprint, trace.


—Natasha Trethewey


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