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How to purchase Iris products


There are three ways to purchase books or tapes published by the Iris Publishing Group.

1.)  Buy directly from the publisher. Any item in our online catalog can be purchased directly from Iris at the price listed. Iris will pay shipping and handling costs on prepaid orders and will generally ship not more than one business day from the time of receipt of the order. Simply send a note listing the products you want and the number of each and include a check or money order for the total list price for all of the items requested. Non-prepaid orders by either regular or e-mail will be sent C.O.D. A shipping and handling charge representing our actual costs and a C.O.D. charge will be added to the order. You can order C.O.D. in this way by e-mail at orders@irisbooks.com.

2.)  Buy online at this site. The Iris Publishing Group is associated with Amazon.com for online book sales. Pushing the "Buy Now" button on any of our product description pages will take you to that particular item in the Amazon.com catalog. You can purchase from Amazon.com using their regular purchasing procedures. Advantages of buying in this way are that you can use your credit card for secure online transactions, you can combine your purchase of Iris books and tapes with purchases of other non-Iris products, and you deal with a large, highly regarded company. The disadvantages of online purchases at this time are that you will pay whatever price Amazon.com assigns to our products (not necessarily our list price,) Amazon.com will add a shipping and handling charge to your order, and for some products Amazon.com will take significantly longer to ship your order than it will take for us to ship direct orders from Iris.

3.)  Buy through standard book trade channels. Small publishers have a serious problem with standard book trade distribution channels, and Iris is no exception. Some bookstores stock our books and tapes, and the number is increasing. However, it is still unlikely that you will find the particular book you want in your local bookstore. If you do not find the book you want, your bookstore will often order it for you from the publisher. We will do everything we can to support local bookstore sales. However, it is likely that purchase through a bookstore will cost a little more and take longer than direct orders.

Refer to this page often to keep up with new developments in Iris sales policy. Our distribution system will continue to evolve and improve.

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