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Down in the Flood
Luke Whisnant

ISBN: 0-916078-69-8 Hardcover $26.00

ISBN: 0-916078-70-1 Paperback $16.00


A cataclysmic flood after a hurricane traps a woman with the wrong man on the wrong side of the river…. A scripture-quoting sexagenarian with the mind of a ten-year-old holds the key to a troubled town’s bigoted past…. In an inner-city high-rise apartment building, blacks and whites collide with Cubans from the Mariel boatlift…. Wandering the underground passages below campus, a clandestine poetry society unearths the secret metaphysical structure of the university….

By turns playful and hypnotic, sly and tender, the fourteen stories in Luke Whisnant’s Down in the Flood celebrate the particular and the peculiar, the private and the public, the beautiful and the not-so-beautiful moments of our daily lives. Evocatively rendered, these inventive tales are laced with humor, yet bittersweet.

“If you are a fan of Luke Whisnant’s popular novel Watching TV with the Red Chinese, you will not be disappointed with Down in the Flood. These generous, rewarding stories are believable, funny, and sometimes heartbreaking. A striking collection.”
—Peter Makuck, author of Costly Habits

“Whisnant’s work is a pure joy to read: thought-provoking, insightful, poignant, and funny. He is a master of his craft, one who never forgets the magic and mysterious power of good storytelling.”
—Carolyn Elkins, author of Daedalus Rising






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